Sunday, November 26, 2006

Birdw0rds has moved

Birdw0rds has moved to HERE.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

birdw0rks dot com

Birdw0rks Central
has been rejuvenated.

Took an age over the weekend to re-format a few of the old pages, create a couple of new ones, relink everything, migrate it all to the newly-purchased birdw0rks dot com and start properly organising the better of what's become a driveload of mp3s. There're still a few teething problems with the site that I'm hoping Quaz will have a chance to look over at some point, but things're coming together. My own pretty-ropey back catalogue has swelled over the years.

I also activated the RSS feed to create the Birdw0rks Podcast - which will be where I post new w0rks direct to folks' pods from now on. (Hit Ctrl-U or "Subscribe to Podcast" from the Advanced menu in iTunes and paste in the RSS URL to subscribe.) Stop press: it's now availalbe directly from iTunes.

First track on the RSS feed, as part of the flickr-oriented imagemusic project, is inspired by Shooz's "Healing Landscape" image:.

Am quite happy with how that ended up sounding after multi-layering and playing with a slew of rhythm loops. Again, ate away the time, but worth the struggle in the end. Direct link to mp3 here.

Second track, just added is Wild Ideas, inspired by AuntieK's image:

The next three tracks are all in the w0rks. As with one of these, occassionally the process of churning out the tune is painful and tense - a struggle to slot the thing together and technically get in into any kind of desired shape. Once you've been through that mire, however, you feel somewhat lighter as if you've had an annoying blockage removed; as long as you're reasonably happy with the sonic product, it's rewarding. Musical enima anyone?

Saturday, November 18, 2006


The New York Flickerite Podcast is back!

Episode 3 is available via the RSS feed and, now that I've just pinged them, is up on iTunes. Mp3 can be grabbed directly from here.

This episode features Shortcake26 and Aaron Edwards. Fat thanks to them for participating.

The Website's in poor shape, but is being revamped and will be reborn soon.

Took a poondaflesh with editing, splicing, compiling, mixing, re-editing, and so on, but got there. Next one will hopefully be out before too long once I've regrouped that flickerite pod part of the brain.

Birdw0rks podcast should also be up & running v. shortly n'all. Might aswell strick when the pods're warm...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hen Meat: What Flesh!

A fun moosikal project has been taking a chunk of BigAl clay and scraping/thumping it into a steaming lump of birdw0rks. The result is here, at the new home for birdw0rks central, (very much in need of updating and editing, as it be...)

A direct link to Al's original ditty is here.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Aiming with the eyes shut

Am in one city for a week for the first time in a while. (I keep leaving the house checking to make sure I've a boarding pass...)

The New York Flickerite podcast is finally under way once more. Now that the clocks have retarded and the cool autumn nights are schlurping in, I am nudging myself toward long-overdue sonic editing. The ex-Evile One, Mr. Crotchcap is the first on the splice block. Once I have chance to capture the dulcet tones of the Fleecieone for voices from the crisper intros, we'll be set to roll proper again with Episode 3. There are at least 6 or 7 other bods that I did the photo wander and record thang with last winter and a fat number of hours to earlobe it through, but at least the pod is rolling.

Birdw0rks have finally hit iTunes too, with the Omelette available in full. According to CDBaby, I've also just earnt a juicy 5 cents via Napster plays, n'all. All proceeds from plakky copy CD and digital sales go to the UK M.S. Society, so if you're reading this and you fancy donating a little moolah to a good cause in return for some ropey, badly-conceived bird moosak, please click accordingly.

And a congrats to Her With the New Bump!