Saturday, February 18, 2006


This is the first ropey, voice-rusty acoustic track of a few to come (pity the neighbours...). Has been way too long since getting the larynx back in some kind of shape and w0rking through the ever-expanding acoustic-friendly birdw0rks songmass is the way. A good few big-sound, electric tracks in process, but I'm hanging back on vocal additives for those until the cobwebs are off the vox box. The 16-track studio has great potential for recording 'live' versions of the acoustics for now though - as often happens, project ideas grow from messing around with aimless strumming, & putting a new, naked take on older & newer songs appeals for now. I also like the contrast of recording time-consuming, multi-layered new compositions with the simple 2 track 6-string plus voice ditties. Playing that way regularly really changes the writing process n'all innit.

Not yet sure what will do with NYC photographic interviews currently being collected having largely parted ways with the Podarazzi project (artistic differences etc.). Own NYC Social Flickr group-related podcast, maybe? Content of said interviews is all ace so far & I've already started honing the mix skills & ideas to construct an amusing broadasst. Time suckingly consuming tho'.

Recent flick delights: Cache: paranoid French middle class stalked a go-go; docs. The Grizzly Man and Reel Paradise - interesting subjects you wouldn't necessarily want to spend long in the same room with; The Last Life in the Universe - excellent understated, wonderfully shot Japanese Librarian in Thailand sort of flick (you know, the Japanese Librarian in Thailand genre).

Friday, February 03, 2006

Cultural Differentiation

In Britain:

Person 1: "I'm doing a new project I'm really excited about"

Person 2: "What do you want to bother doing that for?"

In America:

Person 1: "I'm doing a new project I'm really excited about"

Person 2: "How much money are you making from it?"