Monday, January 30, 2006

Podding it Downtown

Spare time sucked away by the Podarazzi project recently. Getting whisked around downtown Manhattan with Flickr Star Kara to capture her verbal musings was superb: a part of town I don’t often spend time in and have never really explored at night, and Omeyisland is my-kind-of-mind, entertaining company. Architecturally olds versus new, light versus dark, short versus tall – contrasts innit.

Being somewhat clueless on the interview and digital editing front, it’s been a tough journey capturing verbiage and reducing the 90+ minutes of recorded sound down to a palatable quarter of an hour. Steep learning curve and a fat time investment, but things will get easier with next few interviews (lined up over next three weeks). Already know how to make both content and editing life easier on several fronts. Am looking forward to the comparison between different subjects’ perspectives on NYC photolife.

First podcast itself is slowly coming together having sampled Podarazzi Prima, Anth, and her introductory voice-overs. Again, it’s tricky getting things ‘right’ first time around while compiling the whole show, takes a pound of flesh, and time gets sucked down the pipe of rehash. Creative dribblings are leaking nicely though, there’s a good slice of new background birdw0rks moosak and daft verbal links, and we’re going to end up with something that’s original and hopefully of interest to others.

On the T. knee front, the Fleeciethang is moving around easier and has The Stitch taken out tomorrow. Physiotherapy & regular flapping in the pool should right things before too long, hopefully.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Cue Boids

There is activation birdw0rkstudiowards. A couple of retroish-sounding tracks on the move and a couple more that were self-demoed last year that need a bit of rearrangement & a more juicy recording. The latter can be tricky - one loses that initial spark created during their birth sometimes. The re-creation is tighter, technically superior, but at that cost. More frivulous and fun moosak is being laid down for the blossoming Podaraazi project - hammering out a 16-bar loop for use as voice unders etc. makes for an excellent 2-3 hour distraction.

Recent flick views: Chronos from the Koyaanisqatsi et al. team is superb time lapse eye fillage. The incoming tide sequence from atop Mont St. Michel is just astounding. Kings & Queen needs an edit (2 1/2 hours stretches the character study attention a bit), works at times, falls flat at others - worth a view, not a keeper. Struggled through New Wave Italian classic Mamma Roma. Fellini did it better. The recent Bresson doc, the Impassioned Eye, is interesting, but not produced to my tastes. The bright spark that decided ropey voice over translations were better than subtitles needs slapping for a start. And these docs always suffer from the simple fact that just looking at photographs from the likes of Bresson will always be far more enguaging than any documentary on the photographer. A few interesting anecdotes here & there, but there could have been so much more about Bresson's life view, photographic method, & experiences around crucial historical events/periods.

Poor T. has her keyhole knee op. later today. Hopefully the resulting hobble will be quickly healed!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Moresoundofpod and Northern Cinematics

There's more new pod-related w0rk and it's here.

This weeks cinematic delights from out east: Vodka Lemon - quirky frozen-north, Armenian bleaknesses; and The Return - snotty Russian kids with a father that wasn't, then suddenly was, then, er, really wasn't in the unfrozen wilderness. Both wuth a view, innit.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Quick, usual south-north yo-yoing, trip back to Blighty, a vicious Brit Bird flu contracted (Eustacian tubes almost imploded during decent into JFK...), surfacing through the phlegmurky mire, and the head's popped out into 2006.


Birdw0rking podcastwards to churn tunes & noises for Anth's sonic idea. First ditty ropily squeezed from the telecaster tube and sounds like this. Have also finally nabbed one of these with which to push into nyc photographers faces in search of verbal nuggets.