Sunday, February 20, 2005


Image and text unrelated apart from they come from the recesses of birdmind...(Has been a long time since I've produced an image and said: "wow, where did THAT come from" though).

The below part of summat found in the musty digital attic. Extract from 'A Short Trip To The U-Bend of My Mind" circa birdwhenever:

"Hidden evidence under the fig tree
Points to the pervert in your bathroom cabinet.
You can'€™t hide your cufflinks in the toaster,
And don'€™t trust that man who comes to your door with a bowl on his head who says heâ€'s your sister.
You'€™ll catch you death of cold with that ripped butterfly net.
And then locusts will eat your stereo speakers.
And wild buffalo will stampede through your living room looking for truffles.
And then you'€™ll be in half a mind to wear lycra fishing socks as protection.
And the other half of your mind will take a vacation to Hawaii without you, and leave you a sink full of washing up behind.
And before you know it, there’ll be a colony of Algerian nuns living in your basement, stealing sticks of butter out of your filing cabinet, and shaving your dog so that he looks like a dreadlock wig.
And all the other dogs will laugh at him and chase car tyres around your hall way til all hours.
And you'€™ll never sleep well.
And you’ll start taking large amounts of cheese to work with you, until you’re arrested, committed, and made to lie in this bed next to mine."

Clearly haven't progressed much mentally, then...


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