Monday, February 14, 2005

Eat Yer Shirt Off

Everyone & their seeing-eye-camera dog out in Central Park as predictable. One can't resist though, despite the whordes. Orange overkill really, but a visual spectacle for sure. (I did spend half my time looking up at fire escapes on the way there, but that's obtuse me.) One wonders about the cost (and the total bleeden worth of photographic equipment in the park at one time today...). Difficult to capture anything that really does justice to the whole venture. Those with large, penile-extension lenses and aircraft will have the advantage. I reverted to type and lay down in the soil, as you can see. Light was suitably accommodating.

The musical leakage continues. Have indulged in something of an experiment of concentrating in on images courtesy of the Flickr bods (not that I've asked anyone...) Has resulted in more possession and sound has flowed from my buzzing musical mind faster than I can mop it up. It's really been one, simple idea at a time, but them melodies and the essence of sound for each refuse to go away during The Moment. It's literally been a case of rushing home to capture the feel and content before it escapes. A very real fear, that escape is. I know from bitter experience that once gone is often lost forever. Even a matter of minutes can cause heartbreak.

What others think of the results here is another thing. What the lyrical content means may take a while for me to decifer too. Members of my new virtual chosen family (Sealie, Mawper, Ian, & Milkgirl, I'm looking at you) have driven and continue to drive my creative wave in new & unexpected ways. The Relative Slump over the past 1/2 year is nowt but an ugly echo now and my gratitude for your part in the current birdim/explosion knows no limit. Selks & I have spoken of word-musak collaboration which excites me to distraction. Let's hope we find the focus it deserves.

Shoulders completely forked from too much studio & laptop time. Heal me, damnit!


Blogger Zoey said...

bllllllloody 'ell ya coooont, yoo fink i'm not serious???


*throws sealiespit globs at your eyes*

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